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Our basic belief is that the whole is bigger than the sum of it's parts. This network is founded to promote cooperation, creativeness and enable novel opportunities. One cornerstone of this network is to make possible new projects and collaborations that perhaps otherwise never would have occurred.

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Member newsPosted by General Manager 25 Apr, 2011 20:34

A new project is under way at the Ministry of Art. The new project has already a temporary website and the official Website is in pipeline. Check it out at:

The project is a new light art project and has in fact a connection to a previous light art project named SILO-SILO. You can check the images from that project here.

Fource has an ambition to change the world around us, and how we'll look upon it...

Austin gig

Member newsPosted by General Manager 10 Jan, 2011 18:49
Member Walt sent us a newsletter the other week to let us all about an interesting gig he has got coming up on Thursday night, Jan. 13, 8-10pm at Casa de Luz, 1701 Toomey Rd. (over behind the original Chuy's on Barton Springs Rd.). This will be a free 2 hours of improvisational music, singing and dancing, being organized by Brock Roser, late of the band/performance artist troupe Kan'nal ( Brock is an innovative player of the Australian didgeridoo, as well as a percussionist and vocalist. Each year, he puts together one of these improv performances, and this year Walt has been invited to join in. Walt will be playing guitar, Turkish saz and doing a few processed vocal effects. Lots of talented Austin musicians, singers and dancers will be up on the stage, and it should be quite the spectacle! Do not miss this if you are in Texas on Thursday!! Get over to Austin!

Lucky no. 13

Member newsPosted by General Manager 08 Jan, 2011 12:11

Walt is sending us a note to tell about his new solo album, ominously-titled "Well....Let's Look at Your Track Record, Shall We?", release date Nov. 5, 2010. It is available to listen to, you can read about it (and even to buy physical CD or download tracks) here: Downloads are available, also, at all the usual places, and you can also listen to the entire opening track here: (click on "Summer Calls the Shots").

The cover shows Old Scratch himself, behind a big oak desk with law books and a framed picture of the Titanic sinking in the background, evaluating the new recruit in Hell and piercing the layers to get at the Truth so as to better assign the proper level. Dante would be proud.

Being the 13th solo album since 1989, Walt feels he really hit upon a lucky number for 2010. I think you'll find this album has a bit more of a jazzy feel in places, but there's also some shark guitar so hopefully it all balances out. Walt hopes you enjoy what you hear, and buy copies for your aged auntie, beloved clergy, and just generally all friends and family of delicate and frail disposition......if you're in their will, of course.

On a side-note Walt also adds that since last Summer, he's been playing lead guitar and talking drum with a 10-piece West African ensemble called "Aciable". It's lead by singer/dancer Jean-Claude Lessou, from the Ivory Coast. They have been gigging heavily around Austin, and hope to get into the studio early in the new year.

Vilks on Tour

Member newsPosted by General Manager 01 Oct, 2010 10:00
Member Vilks is on a North American Tour at the moment in cooperation with The International Free Press Society. If you are in the neighborhood of Toronto or Boston check it out!

Here's all info you'll need to see the events on location.

Better version of the Sergel Symphony documentary video

Member newsPosted by General Manager 02 Sep, 2010 20:58

Member Mr Lidbo has just made us aware of another (better) documentary of his fantastic symphony at Sergels Torg in Stockholm, August 10. This gives perhaps a little better insight of the magnificent art/sound project. Enjoy!

Busy Lidbo

Member newsPosted by General Manager 26 Aug, 2010 21:12
Another great project of Mr Lidbo is a huge outdoor concert in the middle of Stockholm. Lots of unusual sounds and performances was put together by Maestro Lidbo for a very special concert "The Sergel Symphony". The loud and sometimes disturbing sounds from Stockholm will join forces, and together with a chamber music orchestra they will play The Sergel Symphony. Written and conducted by Håkan Lidbo.


Member newsPosted by General Manager 10 Aug, 2010 21:50
One of the latest projects from member Håkan Lidbo. A most commendable invention, translating the translated... Check it out! >>> Trancelaysions

Latest HopArt

Member newsPosted by General Manager 08 Aug, 2010 22:08

A little peak from the 30 years anniversary in Ladonia the other weekend. A special jump was made on the ever on-going HopArt Tour.

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