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Uwe Un-barred

Member newsPosted by General Manager 21 Dec, 2008 19:50
Artist Uwe Max Jensen has finally been welcomed back to the Århus Art Museum (AROS) after four years. He has been barred from the museum and not let in during these years. And it was not because they thought he was a particularly bad artist. Not in the usual sense anyway.

What it is about is that AROS didn't like an unscheduled performance that Jensen did as a protest and critique of an particular artpiece. Jensen has been barred during these years for a somewhat arbitrary reason. It was never a police matter nor a legal matter, which in the first place is a bit odd. What Jensen did was to urinate in a rather big water installation called "Waterfall". He was then thrown out of the Museum and barred for a nonspecified time. Which in this case turned out to be four years. A pretty harsch way of dealing with visitors, and the question is of course if it's legal to even do so...

The reason for opening up their doors again for Mr Jensen is because they say "we feel Jensen is a serious working journalist now (as well as artist) and we think he will not cause damage to other peoples art again".

Jensen's comment to this is merely that "it would be unoriginal to do a thing like that twice at the same place" and "I don't think the mean that I've done damage to anything, or else they would have put charges against me in the first place". If he need to go again, when visiting AROS, he'll use the toilet, he says. He's critique was not directed against the artwork or the artist, it was rather against the way as this artpiece was done in the first place. It was something put together by a company and not by the artist that stood behind it.

The danish paper "Urban" has written a few items about the "release" of Uwe Max Jensen. Read more about it here and here.