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Our basic belief is that the whole is bigger than the sum of it's parts. This network is founded to promote cooperation, creativeness and enable novel opportunities. One cornerstone of this network is to make possible new projects and collaborations that perhaps otherwise never would have occurred.

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Network probs

SundryPosted by General Manager 08 Mar, 2009 13:20
As we have told about earlier there has been a considerable struggle and strife with the Internet connection at the NovelArt IT-department. A faulty router created havoc with the connection and after being replaced the problems still remained. It became evident that the problem wasn't that easy solved. Oh no... The replacement router was also a bit less functional... To solve the problem an old Netgear-router was dug up at the IT-department. Connected it showed good work. A newly acquired modem was also part of the problem, as well as a non-working splitter (that separates telecommunications from the datacommunications). To solve the problem the old modem was reconnected and it still proved to be working properly, only not as fast as a new one. Sigh. Don't try this at home. Remember to be thankful every day your Internet connection is working!