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Walt says hello

SundryPosted by General Manager 15 Dec, 2009 10:06
A mail arrived this morning from Texas, and our NovelArt member Walter Ehresman. He writes as follows:

Happy holidays to all you folks who dive into NovelArt!

Here in Austin, Texas, we just had our annual Santa Rampage. There were several hundred Santas, and we rampaged like champions. Of course, now hydration is an expedient. Aside from working on new tracks for my next solo album (check out the "Bad Faith" remix, here:, the band I'm playing with these days, Delphi Rising, is about to issue it's first album, entitled "For Granted." You can listen to a preview here: The album features songwriting by each of the four members (even the drummer), and covers a wide range of styles: punk-influenced hit-and-runs to hard rock guitar workouts. From British-sounding pop circa 1966 to a Steely Dan-ish piano and horn ballad about love in a post-apocalyptic globally-warmed world. From blues to a western epic that sounds somewhere between Dylan's "Isis" and the Dead's "Me And My Uncle." Democratic to a fault.....


We send Walt and Austin seasoning greetings and wish him all the best on his musical (ad)ventures!