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Member newsPosted by General Manager 25 Nov, 2008 10:03
The Premier of Dogs was undertaken during the weekend as we have already mentioned. Lars Vilks musical/recreation of the incidents around the little drawing of a traffic round-about dog took place in Stockholm.

Everything went alright, Lars got back in one piece. however there was some disturbance and ruckus at the show. Afterwards there was a panel debate and during this there was an agitated lady that did not shut up or left when asked. There was a struggle and a guard was wounded by the unhappy lady. It seemed that she cut him with a sharp object, possibly a key... However, the guard had a minor bleeding but the lady was evicted. After that there was only minor problems with shouting and brawling from a group in the audience.

It's amazing that a little dog can create such havoc, even if he wears a turban and are named "Prophet M". However, to the best of our knowledge no Sikhs have raised their voice against the art project so far.

There are more to read, and pics to see, at Lars own site (in Swedish only)