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Our basic belief is that the whole is bigger than the sum of it's parts. This network is founded to promote cooperation, creativeness and enable novel opportunities. One cornerstone of this network is to make possible new projects and collaborations that perhaps otherwise never would have occurred.

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Under construction

NovelArt ProjectsPosted by General Manager 26 Nov, 2008 10:34
The NovelArt site is under construction, rest assured. The slow pace of the construction is partly due to the crashed network that pre-dates NovelArt.

Regretfully we don’t hold all the data or all the contact information for all members of the networks. That information is in the hands of the webmaster and the other founder(s) of the previous network... So right now we are working on contacting all the members, some of which we cannot contact directly. All members have to be contacted one by one and transfered into the new network. There is also new members in pipe-line that are being incorporated.

It's a shame that the network was allowed to crash in this fashion, but that's perhaps always the risk with joint projects... We are convinced that this new network - NovelArt - will be a better and a more active one.