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Turkey Greetings from Texas

Member newsPosted by General Manager 28 Nov, 2008 20:55
Walt just sent us a brief note of the latest goings-on, music-wise. All the tracks for his new solo album, "Monkey Paw Situation," are now in the can and went off a few nights ago to the recording studio "Million Dollar Sound" to be mastered by a good friend (who owns the joint).

Casey Shaw, an excellent artist in Virginia who is (among other things) a long-time staff cartoonist and illustrator for USA Today, is working on the cover art. Yup, Walt finally got a hold of him! This is the same guy who done covers for four of Walt's past albums: "In the Path of the Cat Chasers" (1990); "Split Brain Theory" (1991); "Handwedge from the Trap" (1999); and "No Unifying Theme" (2004).

CD artwork then only has to be converted into a proper electronic format. And then, as Walt puts it himself, another commercially non-viable piece of sedition is put into the world. (He's just too modest this guy). Walter is shooting for an early Feb. '09 CD release party. Y'all can hear a couple of tracks that will be on the new album here at Walt's MySpace-site. Make sure to sample the track "Too Many Dudes", which has a nice summer-twang to it. It might very well be next summers plague! Be sure to hear it already now! Reggae-alert!

Walt also send word that he hope everybody had a serious bought of gluttony and sloth yesterday. (He's American so what he means is the Thanksgiving - but I'm sure you all understood this). And as Walt closes his note: after this brutal election season, dagnabbit....we've earned it!