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Our basic belief is that the whole is bigger than the sum of it's parts. This network is founded to promote cooperation, creativeness and enable novel opportunities. One cornerstone of this network is to make possible new projects and collaborations that perhaps otherwise never would have occurred.

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NovelArt goes silently Live

Breaking NewsPosted by Ministry of Art 13 Nov, 2008 13:09
Blog rises like the Bird Phoenix out of the ashes of an previous artist network that went dead as a doornail - due to some ambiguous circumstances. One of the founding members wanted to get out of the cooperation - so it seems they decided to take down the whole site, without prior warning - and left us all stranded like whales on the shores of disillusion. But let's not dwell upon that...

NovelArt is now alive and kicking! New members, as well as former members from the old network, are moving in one by one. The founder of this new network is Ministry of Art & Jump.

The name NovelArt is an offspring of the precursor, and comes also out of the original thought and ambition to present and put together a new and different network of arts and artists. The goal is now to quickly reestablish the network, open up for new cooperations, build new bridges and open up for more networking. In other words, all that was the ambition in the first place, but wasn't allowed the chance to occur in the preceding network.