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Volt 2010 Festival

Breaking NewsPosted by General Manager 24 May, 2010 20:24
Our dear member Håkan Lidbo is deeply involved in a festival for electronic music in Uppsala.

Volt – the festival for electronic music

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
Saturday, June 5th 2010, 19.00-03.00

The festival summer is approaching and Volt – the festival for electronic music –presents a program even stronger than last year’s of electronic music from all genres. Volt lasts from 7:00 in the evening until 3:00 in morning at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress on Saturday, June 5th.

Volt festival’s inauguration last year was cause for great excitement. Finally a Swedish festival for electronic music, finally a festival in Uppsala Konsert & Kongress’s minimalistic environment – where music and architecture act symbiotically – and finally a festival where art installations and narrow experimental music is mixed with dance floor smash hits in the hands of DJ’s who know how to flip vinyl.

On June 5th, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress will be reclaimed by Sweden’s techno and electronica elite along with a long list of interesting international artists and DJ’s. Be prepared for inciting sound experiences, delicious live concerts, happenings and diverse installations – an entire gang of VJ’s will ensure that the visuals are top notch. Volt has music for those who want to dance, for those who like to relax in the bar and for those academic types who want to experience weird sound- and light experiments: techno, dubstep, dub, ambient, house and a list of other genres pollinate each other throughout the evening.

Volt is arranged in cooperation with Uppsala Konsert & Kongress and Ström on Sweden’s Public Radio P2. Partners: Kulturstaden Uppsala, Goethe-Institut & Svenska Institutet.

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