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A word from member Lidbo

Member newsPosted by General Manager 18 Jan, 2014 13:32

Here is a new project I'm involved with, that I think you might find interesting. It's about improving the driver's emotional experience in demanding situations - using specially composed music. I'm doing this with sound researcher Martin Ljungdahl Eriksson and when the music is ready, it will be released on an album that you get if you rent a car from Europcar Sweden. This is music not only to listen to, but music that effects your emotions, that improves your chemical balance.

Hakan Lidbo

Europcar has, as the first actor in the car-rental industry, started the unique project “Sounds for Driving”. The goal is to provide Europcar’s customers with a truly one of a kind driving experience. In order to achieve this, sound expert Martin Ljungdahl Eriksson and the famous artist and produces Håkan Lidbo was brought onboard. Together, these two are creating music that will enhance and amplify the driving experience.

Together with Europcar, Martin and Håkan has identified a number of different situations where the driver might feel tired, stressed or irritated.For a long drive, the driver needs to feel alert and sharp, hence, uplifting music is created. Follow the project right here, and be sure to check back for more sound snippet and findings from the study.

Here is the web:

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